14tätiger Kongress des EU-Projekts MultiMindLingua auf Lesbos

14tätiger Kongress des EU-Projekts MultiMindLingua auf Lesbos

Mitte Mai nahm Prof. Marion Röttgen als partizipierendes Mitglied des EU-Projekts MultiMindLingua an dem 14tätigen Kongress auf Lesbos teil. Der Kongress gab den leitenden Professoren der insgesamt über zwanzig europäischen Universitäten und Institutionen Gelegenheit, sich kennenzulernen, das Projekt zu diskutieren und die Fragestellungen zu erweitern. Zugleich hatten die für das Forschungsziel auswählten 15 Doktoranden die Aufgabe, Ihre Thesen vor zu stellen und  sich einer Debatte zu stellen.
Dramatischer Hintergrund des wissenschaftlich hochrangigen Kongresses war die katastrophale Situation der Flüchtlinge auf Lesbos und der Schatten, der auf die Beziehungen Griechenlands zu Europa fällt, da die Bevölkerung sich zu recht in furchterregender Weise im Stich gelassen fühlt.

Der Kontrast zu der Schönheit der Insel, der traumhaften Lage des gastlichen Hotels und der sanftmütigen Liebenswürdigkeit der Bevölkerung hat alle Teilnehmer zutiefst erschüttert.


Präsentation der Zusammenarbeit von Institut FON mit MulitlingalMind

Lesbos Mai 2019

Many thanks to Professor Rinker University Konstanz – now Tübingen - and the Organisation Committee of multimind project that we have been invited in collaborating in the doctoral program „MultiMind“, particularly the project on bilingual Specific Language Impairment (SLI) as non-academic partner.

Our Institute FON was founded by me in 1975 and is partner of the international open network AAkii


We are working on projects, which are occupying on communication in our society.
One main topic is the involvement with acoustics.

Our goals:
Hearing better - listening better - communicating better

Our targets:

  • Extention of our network
  • Reciprocal promotion
  • Common advertising
  • Linking
  • Alternating consultation

Our members:

  • Institutes
  • Surgeries
  • Labour communities

Our activities:

  • Reserch projects
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Audio - walks
  • Scientific publications
  • Literarily publications
  • Congresses


Institute Fon Leonberg has five departments around Stuttgart, with all together about 24 therapists.

The topic on bilingual Specific Language Impairment is of great interest to us as we are increasingly dealing with unanswered questions regarding bilingualism due to the large influx of immigrants the German southwest. Especially, the cultural and psycho-social differences of the countries of origin are underestimated.

With the high number of bi- and monolingual patients – adults, adolescents and children – that receive treatment at our institute so we are able to offer many opportunities for PhD candidates to observe and practice. We have enough exemplary patients for different phenomena of bilingualism at our disposal.

PhD candidates working with us have the following opportunities:

  • Conducting language tests
  • Application of various methodical approaches
  • Conducting surveys with patients, relatives, doctors and educators
  • Conducting their own therapies with individual patients or with groups
  • Participating in our Balint-groups and interdisciplinary conferences with the team


Additionally, the medical staff, the cooperating psychologists, pedagogical staff, as well as our colleagues from the Klinikverbund Südwest (a network of seven hospitals in the south-west) are always interested in an exchange and for consulting on some of the scientific aspects. Our partners are schools, kindergarten and handicapped institutes.

This also means that our institute FON can serve as an excellent bridge between theory and practice with regards to future employment and our institute is very interested in every kind of cooperation with Universities, not least because I am still teaching at several Universities Stuttgart, Berlin, Nürnberg and Krems/Austria und Rome/Italy.                                                                              

Thank you for your attention.